Why Fast SEO is Not Good SEO

When it comes to SEO, one the biggest keys is getting links coming into your website. Getting these links can take time and effort, but there are several techniques that have been shown to be very successful. Many people have chosen to not spend the time, and instead pay a company to generate their SEO links for them.

You must be very careful if you choose this latter strategy. Buying links for your website is risky business. Not only may the links qualify as spam links (Google’s opinion on spam links), but too many links too fast is also seen as suspicious by the search engines. This methodology could get you de-indexed! Google takes this so seriously, they have quality guidelines for link building and write about it in their blog.

What’s the key to avoiding building links too fast?

  • If you hire a company to build links for you, make sure they spread out the number of links over time. For example, if you buy 5,000 links, have them do 300-500 per week until complete.
  • Make sure the links you are gaining come from a variety of sources. For example, if all your links are related to blog comments, that might be seen as suspicious.
  • Make sure you research any company you are going to hire. Referrals from friends are best, but at least do a search them on Google with “reviews” as one of your keywords and see what their online presence says about them.
  • If you have an in-house SEO plan, schedule and track the number of links you add each month.
  • Research your online presence every month to track what links are coming to your site. Do what you can to clean up the spam links.
  • Consult with an SEO expert to develop the best strategy for increasing your incoming links.

If you’re interested in SEO for your website, Landau Digital teaches Do-it-Yourself SEO courses which will take you through a step-by-step process for creating and implementing your SEO strategey.

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