What is the Best Hosting for Joomla?

This is a question we are often asked. What is the best hosting company for Joomla websites? We have tried at least half a dozen, and what we have found is there are certain criteria that you must consider when making a decision. Unfortunately we cannot say we have found one company that is aces at everything, but we have found several that have come really close.

We do not have a server where we provide hosting for our customers. Instead we have them set up their own hosting accounts with a service. In this way our customers have dominion over their website. Since we aren’t the hosts, we have tried many companies to find the best fit for Joomla optimization, Joomla security as well as customer service.

When choosing a host for Joomla, you cannot just choose anybody. Hosting requires a certain set of parameters in order for the site to run properly and to ensure Joomla security. This is why it is important to choose a company that specializes in optimizing their servers to host Joomla websites.

What do we think?

Here is our assessment of companies the we have used. This assessment is based on actual experience with these companies. Please don’t be upset if we’ve left your company off the list. If you’re not on the list, it’s because we haven’t tried you yet. Email us, and we’ll be happy to give it a go. In the chart below we’ve graded some of the services provided to give you an idea of how well they perform for us. In cases where there really isn’t a measure of service (i.e. unlimited bandwidth), we just wrote yes/no.

Hosting Company Rochen Hostgator Lunarpages Siteground Interactive

Green hosting


yes yes no yes
Unlimited Space no yes Some plans yes yes
Unlimited Bandwidth no yes Some plans yes yes
Unlimited URLs Reseller plans only some plans yes yes yes
Knowledgeable Technical Support A+ A- F B- B
24/7 Technical Support through ticket system yes yes yes yes yes
Technical support available by phone no yes yes no no
Technical support available by online chat no yes no yes no
Extensive Knowledgebase for Joomla questions A C C A+ D
Easy to navigate and find answers to questions B B C A B
Customer forums yes yes yes no no
Tech support Knowledgeable about Joomla A+ A C- A B
Cpanel easy to use A A B- A A
Billing Practices A A A C A
Email Function B A A C C
Up time B A A A C
Server speed A B B C B
Server up time B A A A C
Optimized for Joomla A+ A A A+ A
Redundant Servers No yes yes yes yes
Host creates server backups daily weekly daily unknown weekly
Restore from backup free of charge Yes No No unknown unknown
Will move your Joomla site for free when you sign up for hosting No yes no yes yes
Free Joomla templates? No no no yes no
Money back guarantee? Yes
(within 15 days)
(within 45 days)
(within 30 days)
(within 30 days minus setup fees)
(within 90 days)
Monthly price for shared server $8.95-$69.95 $4.95-$99.95 $2.95-$64.95 $5.95-$89 $5.95-$12.95
Hosting Company Rochen Hostgator Lunarpages Siteground Interactive

What host do we use?

If you’re wondering what host this blog is on, it’s hosted on Green Geeks. Our company website, Landau Digital, is hosted on Hostgator.

What host do you use for your Joomla site, and how do you like them?

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