High Profile Sites Show How Well Joomla Performs

Many clients wonder how something given away for free could possible be worthwhile. Fortunately, the addage “you get what you pay for” does not apply when it comes to Joomla. It is open source software and free to whomever wishes to download (although they do appreciate donations for their efforts), but Joomla is a very robust and powerful tool for managing your web content. 

Website performance is dictated by many things, including:

  • the amount of traffic you get
  • the server the site resides on
  • how well the site is optimized for performance
  • the speed of the user’s computer processor and/or internet connection

Even on the best of servers, a very high-traffic site may experience some performance issues. A personís Internet connection can also influence performance, so the same site may perform differently on different computers. A Joomla site will perform very well if it has been built and optimized for performance.

Big Companies Relying on Joomla
I have pulled some higher-traffic sites that use Joomla so you could see who else might be relying on its capabilities:

You can see a whole directory of Joomla sites by visiting the Joomla Community Showcase at Joomla.org.

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