Have you checked your web presence lately?

You have one you know.

Or didn’t you know?

If you have an account with any of the popular social media sites, or your name has ever appeared in an article, on a website or in an offline phone directory – you have an online presence. And since your name and/or your company name are already out there, sites are compiling information on you for others to view.

Monitoring your online presence is known as Online Reputation Management (ORM). A very new concept in our world, ORM has sprung a whole new industry where those who specialize in search engine optimization can assist you in combating negative marks in your online reputation.

Unfortunately most individuals or companies do not begin monitoring their online reputation until they have a negative remark that appears. The purpose of this report is to teach you how to be proactive in monitoring your online reputation, so that you can shape and mold it, and overcome any negative remarks that may appear.

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