Did You Know LinkedIn is Connected with Twitter?

LinkedIn has employed a fun new tool that allows you to pull your Twitter tweets into your LinkedIn profile. These tools combined can make these two arenas even more powerful for sharing your ideas. The icon for this marriage is the peanut butter/chocolate introduction made popular by Reese’s many decades ago.

To take advantage of this new connection, simply click on the edit button on the Twitter line on your profile page (see red arrow on screenshot). Follow the simple instructions, and now your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts will be connected.

There are variables when setting this connection that allow you to indicate of you want all tweets shared on LinkedIn, or only tweets that include a #in hashtag. In this way you are in control of what does and does not show up.

Why is this helpful? First of all, your Tweets can now be shown on your LinkedIn account, which means you can share information without extra effort. Also, your LinkedIn status will be updated when you Tweet, which means your LinkedIn profile will always be recently updated, which keeps you at the top of search results. You can also now tweet from within your LinkedIn account, which saves more time as you share your information across multiple networks.

For a more detailed overview of this feature, visit the LinkedIn Learning center. or view this online video tutorial to setup a LinkedIn/Twitter connection.

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