Create a Fan Page for Your Business on Facebook

When you’re logged into your personal Facebook account, no doubt you’ve seen the sidebar “Suggestions”, telling you who you might want to be friends with, or letting you know that several of your friends are fans of Trader Joe’s or “Sleeping in late”.

Creating a fan page on Facebook may or may not bring you direct business, but having a presence in another social media outlet is never a bad idea. Setting up and maintaining a Facebook fan page is easy and seems to even be getting easier as Facebook grows and makes improvements.

Have a Personal Page First

Facebook rules state that you have to have a personal page in order to have a page for your business or blog. So make sure that the person responsible for adding and maintaining the fan page either already has or sets up a personal profile on Facebook before continuing. Accessing and updating the fan page is done through this personal account (other administrators can be added later). Note that though the fan page is created and maintained through your personal Facebook account, none of your fans will be able to tell who created the page, and there is no page administrator listed publicly.

Creating Your Fan Page

Log into your personal Facebook account, go to the page titled, Create a New Facebook Page and select a category for your fan page. Enter the name of your page (e.g. “Landau Digital” or “ Fan Page”), and decide if you want the page published right away. If you’re going to be needing to track down photos or logos and company information that isn’t ready to input when you create the page, you may want to publish the page at a later time, once you’ve had a chance to populate the page entirely.

Read the agreement and when you’re ready, click “Create Page”. Your page is now on Facebook! Make sure to become a fan of your own page by hitting the “Become a Fan” button at the top of the page, next to the page title.

Populating Your Page

You’ll need a few things to add to your page once you’ve created it.
• Photos and/or logos
• Website address and contact information

Photo: By rolling your cursor over the image box with a question mark in it, you’ll see the words “Change Picture” appear;

when you’re ready to upload an image or logo as your page’s primary photo, click there and choose “Upload a Picture”.

You can then browse your computer for the image you’ll be using and add it to your page. A square image is ideal, and will display particularly well in the thumbnails that show up on fan’s homepage news feeds.

Company info: Hitting the “Info” tab under your page’s title will bring you to your company information. Click “Edit Information to add your contact information, location, and hours, if desired.

Status updates: Status Updates are a good way to announce a promotion or exciting news for your company or blog. Simply type a short sentence or two in the text box that asks “What’s On Your Mind?”, and click “Share”.

Slogan: You can add a quote or slogan for your company in the box under Your Logo or photo.

More information: You can create photo albums, add links you’d like to share, create events for fans to attend or share with their friends, and a lot more. Click around your fan page when you get a chance, in order to see what features Facebook is offering to help stylize and personalize your fan page.

Share Your Page

You can share your page with your friends by clicking the “share +” button in the bottom of the left column of your page.

This will bring up a box that lets you type in a personal message and post about this fan page on your personal page,and will display in your friends’ news feeds. You can also opt to click “Send as a Message Instead” to email individuals privately about the fan page. You might ask friends to “suggest” the page to their friends as well.

Link to Other Social Media Accounts

Now, you can link your Twitter and Facebook updates. There are several ways to do this, and you may want to use this blog entry by Jennifer Van Grove to help you decide which method is right for you.

While this is useful and I do recommend linking the two, my opinion is that you should consider the Facebook app called “Selective Twitter” for doing your Twitter-Facebook dual updates. This allows you to choose which tweets you want to share on both Twitter and Facebook, simply by using the hashtag #fb to differentiate.

How Frequently You Should Update

Facebook isn’t like Twitter in the sense that one status update a week might work well for your page on Facebook and still be seen by your fans, but your followers on Twitter are more likely to see your Tweets if you Tweet more often (an effective means of marketing).

Generally, people on Facebook are there for personal use and to see what’s going on in the lives of family and friends, but they get a kick out of publicly being a fan on Facebook of something or someone they enjoy, and knowing their friends can see it. So share worthwhile information, but don’t overwhelm them with too much marketing.

Finding the Link to Your Fan Page

Once you post your first status update, you will see it in your Facebook news feed. Your company name will be highlighted, and will be a link to your Facebook fan page. Simply click on the name of your company, which will take you to your page, then you can copy and past the URL from the top of your browser window. You can now use this link to share on other websites as a way to promote your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can type the name of your fan page in the search box at the top of your needs feed or personal page, and Facebook will automatically bring up the names of friends or fan pages that match your search, and you can click on the link there.

Follow Landau Digital on Facebook

You can become a fan of the Landau Digital Facebook page. We would love to hear your feedback for ways that we can make it better.

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