Commenting on Blogs Can Get You SEO Link Points

According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere, 184 million people in the world have started a blog. With that many people engaging in regular posting, blogs have become a standard way of discussing topics of interest. Regularly commenting on blogs can be a valuable tool for building relationships and gaining SEO links in the major search engines.

How do comments build relationships?
When you regularly read and comment on the same blog, that blog’s owner is likely to take notice. In many cases, this can establish a relationship between you and the blog owner, almost in the same way that having regular discussions with a coworker might. This connection can be established in as little as a few weeks, and can lead to offline discussions and networking opportunities for each of you. If there is a person you want to make a business connection with, but they are a stranger, seeking out the person’s blog and regularly posting comments is an excellent way to open the door.

How can comments build SEO Links?
The more links you have to your website, the higher your page rank is going to be. Comment on blogs is a great way to increase your link count.

When commenting on blogs, you don’t have to use your real name when you post. Instead, using your name followed by a keyword will help gain some search engine indexing (for example: Bonnie the Web Designer). Most blogs will give you the option of linking back to a web site when you leave a comment. Be sure to take advantage of this option by entering your URL. It even better to link to a specific page in your site that you’re trying to get indexed using the keyword you’ve chosen.

How do I find blogs to comment on?

  • Word of Mouth
  • Blog directories
  • Following people on Twitter
  • Using keywords in search engines

Does the topic of the blog matter?
It is going to be considered a more relevant link if the topic of the blog relates to your business. But even blogs that are unrelated give you a link back to your site. So if you’ve chosen to comment on a blog for your hobby, let’s say, still use the strategy of your name + keyword to gain a link back to your site.

Aren’t Blogs No-Follow Links?
It’s true that the default for some blog platforms (like WordPress), is to have no-follow links. But serious bloggers often override the default and switch to do-follow links. They do this to encourage commenting since they know people are more likely to comment if it has a positive effect on SEO. Serious bloggers will say if their comments are do-follow are not. Simple Web Toolbox is a do-follow link blog.

6 Responses to “Commenting on Blogs Can Get You SEO Link Points”

  1. Submit cube says:

    Really this is a very good topic that you disscused.
    Thank you for sharing those precious informations,

  2. Good points covered in your post – thanks! I hadn’t realised the default for WordPress was no-follow links

  3. Repo says:

    Commenting is a very powerful way to share backlinks between bloggers. I just made my blog do follow after reading about this on sites like yours. Hope it will bring me more bloggers and user interaction.

  4. Ind Tv Forum says:

    Many of us in the web marketing space have a love/hate relationship with the practice of leveraging blog comments as a marketing strategy. On the one hand, it can bring valuable participation and content to our sites and provide an outlet for us to reach other communities and bloggers/comment-enabled communities. But, it’s also an endless source of spam and low quality contributions that teeter on the “publish-worthy” seesaw.

  5. Ind Tv Forum says:

    Many webmasters are insistent that the links have the attribute “nofollow” which are entrusted to them, so they are useless for SEO. Remember that comments are not meant for SEO, advertising, and a link building. They are intended for discussions. Due to the amount of spam on these blogs, search engines have no choice but put in a sort of algorithm to help detect spammy links. But if you are commenting as a human writer, you have nothing to worry about. Search engines reward always content which are written by humans for other human readers. Here are the 3 simple steps to obtain the higher rate of approval for your blog comments.

  6. I really dont see a real issue with dofollow links even when it causes a little spam. on word press Akismet catches most of it and the rest I take care of. The comments section shouldn’t be exclusively for discussion. By commenting on someone’s blog I provide them value, its only fair I get something in return! Thanks,