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Why Do Corporations Want Their Execs to Use Social Networking?

Online networking is getting press because there is “bling” associated with it. But why are many corporations asking their execs to create profiles and contribute this way? Here is my top 5 reasons:

  1. Enhanced education: Most large corporations value enhanced education of their key players and pay big bucks for it. Online networking allows anyone to identify experts and opinion leaders in their fields. For execs that is a two way street. They can collaborate on technical or operational issues or management practices for free. This can replace paying for seminars, coaching, consultants, trade shows, and higher education degrees to some extent. Did I mention it is free?
  2. Extend your networking opportunities: Networking is recognized as a valuable method of developing sales and partnership opportunities. “Social” networking online provides an entree into many more people in a different way.
  3. Demonstrate corporate expertise: If a company has several people recognized as leaders in their field, the company will invariably gain prestige and clientele by having their expertise publicized. As an example, LinkedIn allows members to respond to each others inquiries in groups or by publishing the executives speaking engagements, corporate executives create the appearance of expertise in a viral way. Other techniques to do this include promoting other company web-based initiatives and non- web based efforts within the social network.
  4. Stay to-the-minute current: Social networking is also a great way to get real time information and real time dialogue on issues that their decision-makers need. This is a different source (perhaps more reliable source) of information compared to customer surveys because people may be more candid online.
  5. Network when it’s convenient: And all of this is available when an executive or his/her assistant has the time to do it. It also has the strength of the network tools. Instead of having to remember to ask for networking opportunities with every social contact, online networking is done when a person has the mindspace to focus on it. It provides a way to “drill down” into other people’s contacts with less effort. And it provides a record of the network for future use without having to record all the information again. Corporations thrive on information and online networking is huge that way.

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Here’s how to get the most out of Google+

google-plus_largeGoogle+ has some serious advantages for businesses wanting to increase their network and increase their SEO. It hasn’t reached the zenith of popularity that we’ve seen on Facebook, but that means it’s easier to be seen and get shared.

How can it help SEO?
If you share an update publicly, that update is indexed by Google. Every single status update is treated as its own web page. With some thought and care, you can create an SEO goldmine just sharing what you’re already interested in.

How can it help online reputation?
If you set yourself up for Google Authorship, you can help develop your online reputation to establish yourself as an expert in targeted areas. Establishing Google Authorship does require you to write articles online and then make sure the sites that you write on are connected to your Google+ profile.

How can it increase my network?
Google+ has done a great job of making networking circles easy to use. By sharing with specific circles you can target your content to specific audiences. It also makes it easier to peruse specific groups of people and see where they are hanging out so you can do more to connect with them.

How can you become an expert in Google+?
This article provides a lot of ways to make the most of Google+: 50 Ways to Get the Most out of Google+. You don’t have to do all of them at once, but if you even did 1/3 of the ideas, you would be well on your way to establishing yourself as a Google+ officianado.

Best Online Marketing Tools: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

The popularity of social platforms is increasing by leaps and bounds and therefore business owners are turning to these sites in order to promote their products and to attract young consumers. These three powerful marketing tools are popular in their unique ways, as each of them has its own distinct features and benefits, as well as some drawbacks. People these days are trying to use the internet to the best possible way to earn profits and promote their businesses of any kind. There are a lot of websites which promotes and advertise business activities and give useful information to the users.

The top three online marketing tools available for business owners include the social networking sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

The Twitter and Facebook online social networks are in a tough competition to be the most preferred online media marketing tool. Google plus is also fast picking up in the race to acquire a position in the rising social network to enter into the marketing competition.

Facebook as the preferred marketing tool:

Facebook, which started around the year of 2004, is the oldest of the three competing social platforms and is the highest trafficked site on the World Wide Web. With almost eight years of experience in the field of social networking, this site has learned how to grow bigger and bigger with almost a billion users worldwide. With a fast growing number of users and with a high percentage of them being regular and daily users, Facebook marketing is one of the most important aspects in promoting a business today. Facebook offers you a good chance of helping your business grow and promote your business or brand easily and quickly, reaching a wide audience.

A Facebook page is no doubt one of the best options available for promoting anything. It lets people share and get engaged in sharing comments related to the business being promoted thereby making the people aware of it.

Twitter as the second popular online marketing tool:

There is also a large percentage of online users who spend their time sending out tweets all day, and business owners are using tweets and Twitter site to promote their business online as well.

Twitter is not as popular as Facebook in the arena of social networking, however it is still used by many people, and following people on Twitter can really give you great results. You can promote and build a successful brand by tweeting and making people follow your brand for updates and promotions.

Google plus as the fastest growing and promising online marketing tool:

Google plus is a rising social network. It is the social platform that has a lot of potential and reaching a million users in less than a week from its start is in itself a rare feat. Its greatest advantage is that it is created, managed and promoted by Google, which has already got a huge database of online users.

In the beginning people use to consider the launch as unnecessary as everyone already has a Facebook account for the purpose of social networking and didn’t like the idea of switching to a new platform where there will be very few online people to socialize with. But this platform has started to give Facebook and Twitter tough competition and giving them hard time to maintain their successful positions.

Google has started off targeting people who are already their users by using their email id’s to sign up for a Google Plus account. This way they have been quite successful in gathering a large number of users without much effort. Google local will show you the business, location, contact and business existence in the Internet.

As the competition stiffens in the online marketing field via social networking, it remains to be seen who emerges as the winner of online marketing among the social networking sites. It’s also quite possible that a new trend may begin to start for online promotions in other ways instead of the social networking, but until then it’s Facebook as of now.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Captiva attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Samsung S3770.

How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website

You have signed up for all the social media platforms, but you have not engaged the number of people you were hoping for. Your website can be a significant tool in gaining you some social media connections.

We have tracked down some fabulous articles that will help you do just this. They provide you nearly a dozen ways that you can use your website to grow your social media network.

Have you found any other ways to integrate social media on your website? Please do share!

Is Your Social Media Effort Working?

Tracking social media success has been an elusive path. There are tools out there that you can pay hundreds of dollars for, but they often require a steep learning curve as well as a monthly financial commitment.

You can actually track social media results using free analysis tools. The key is to know what to look for and how to bring it all together so it can help you make social media decisions.

Salesforce has compiled the Social Media Analytics: The Small Business Guide to Metrics & Tools. They gathered some of the best experts in the industry and asked them how to monitor social media success. Their answers are simple and straightforward. They tell you:

Why measure website traffic alone is not enough.

How to determine engagement of your connections.

How to gauge social media success in major networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read the guide on the Salesforce website and gain some great tools for keeping your social media on track!