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How to Share Your Blog in Cyberspace

You put a lot of effort to write your blog, but how do you get people to come and read it? Social media outlets are very effective in reaching viewers, but can sometimes take more time than you have. If you want an effective blog sharing strategy, consider using blog and bookmarking directories for spreading the news about your valuable posts.

What is a blog directory?
Blog directories are like a phone book for blogs. People submit their blog URL into specific categories in the directory, so all your blog content gets indexed. You only have to submit it once, which means it’s a quick and easy way to share your blog.

Once in the directory, users who are looking for specific information will come and search for content, and if they are looking for your content genre, you will have easily gained some new readers. Some of the most popular blog directories include:

Sometimes an individual creates a private directory, and while it may not get as many eyeballs as the commercial ones, the users it gets tend to be more engaged. A great example is the Directory for Bloggers by The Brave Programmer (Robert Bravery).

What is a bookmarking directory?
There are many sites that are bookmarking directories, which means they are indexing specific URLs of specific blog posts. These sites you have to submit your blog posts one at a time. The advantage of bookmarking directories is that they are part of the social media world, so you can have buttons on your blog that allows your readers to submit your content as well. All these sites have submission counters, so the more a specific blog post is submitted, the higher it is ranked in the bookmarking directory index.

Users come to the bookmarking directories and browse posts in specific categories. Again, an excellent way to gain some new readers. Some of the most popular bookmarking directories include:




Consistently submitting your posts to the bookmarking directories is also a very effective way to continually add link backs to your blog.

Keep track of your progress
If you are going to utilize a directory strategy, be sure to track where you have submitted your blog. In this way you can hand off submission responsibilities to others without worrying about duplicating effort. Also, watch your traffic analytics to track how many people are finding your blog through places you’ve submitted. This will give you a great idea of what types of directories are most likely to bring you new visitors.

Building on Your Competitor’s Links

Recently Google announced a change in Flash indexing. Unfortunately despite this change, there is a long way to go. Link building is by far the most effective way of increasing your ranking with the search engines. How many links you have to your site is sort of a “grade” of how popular your site is. The quality of those links is important, so how do you find out what types of links to get?

The Link Discovery Formula
To find where you should build links, you should look at your competitors. To do this:

  1. Do a keyword search for a company like yours. For example, we just built a site for Play and Learn Family Daycare, so we might put in “daycare torrance”.
  2. Look at the results that come up, and choose a business on the first page that is similar to your own. It does not have to be in your city, just a similar type of business. In this case we chose Sound of Music Preschool.
  3. Using the URL for the business you chose, use the following formula and type into Google: “+www.soundomusic.+com” Type it exactly the same, with quotes and +/- signs. This formula will show you all the pages that have a link TO this company’s website.
  4. This preschool has 108 links to its site.

Building Your Link List
Now start looking through the list of links. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are any of them places where you could get links as well?
  • Do any of them give you ideas of other places you could get links (i.e. They are in the Yahoo business directory and you know Google has one of those too)
  • Are there phrases you could use to search in Google to find more of these types of links?

Go Get Your Links
Now put together a plan for working through your link list, and obtain those links! Dedicate a time each day or each week towards obtaining these links. Also consider using social networking methods for increasing your links organically.

You should run through this process several times with different keyword searches and looking at various companies. This is an excellent project to implement over several months, and you can see very quickly you can obtain high-quality links to help with your search engine rankings.

Why I Always Tell Clients to Add a Resource Page

Often when discussing initial information architecture with clients, I bring up the subject of a resource page. Sometimes it’s followed by a scrunched brow from the client. I can hear them thinking, “But that’s more work in research time…” Yes it is, but the purpose is to provide a resource for your clientele.

I recently read an article in about how small businesses can utilize the web to provide customer service that goes a long way in growing your company. Providing information in one location that clients can use over and over is an ideal way to get them to bookmark your site and come back for repeat visits. Even if they aren’t using your services now, each visit reminds them that you are there to help.

A resource page does not have to be complicated. It can include:

  • Links to industry websites organized by topics
  • RSS feeds from newsworthy sites that are related to your industry
  • Document library with pertinent forms downloadable in PDF format
  • Links to regulating agencies or associations in your industry
  • Links to useful articles
  • A community forum where people can post questions and get answers from colleagues
  • An FAQ library where you answer questions about your company and industry

A resource page creates a connection between you and your clients
that can easily be grown by asking your users for suggestions and input. It’s a small time investment compared to the positive impact it has on your service image.

Getting Links in Other Blogs

Link building is an important piece of gaining ranking in Google. Different links have different levels of relevance, so it’s important to understand what you’re getting when you obtain links to your site. The best types of links are organic links, or ones that are within content that is relevant to your site.

Other people’s blogs are an excellent way to gain these relevant links. But how do you get links in other people’s blogs? Here are a few articles that give excellent suggestions on how to gain these valuable links:

Press Releases: Great Way to Gain Inbound Links

As I wrote in I Want My Site to Be #1 On Google, inbound links are key to getting higher rankings on Google. I was recently told that an excellent way to obtain inbound links was by sending out a press release online. It makes sense if you send out a release where within the release you link back to your home page or relevant pages within your site. It doesn’t have to cost money, either, because there are many free sites that provide press release distribution services. Here are some of the top ones:

I’m sure now you’re thinking “nice idea, but what would I put in a press release?” Pretty much anything related to your business that is newsworthy. For example:

  • Landau Digital recently launched a new Joomla site for Save-a-Life No-Kill Animal Shelter. We used the latest technology and helped a worthy cause in order to provide support for our community. People love to read stories like that.
  • Perhaps in your business you have volunteered to teach classes or give a lecture on a relevant topic. Or maybe you’ve had a change in staff you would like to announce.
  • People send out press releases when they’ve made major internal changes, such as switching to a new technology or creating something unique.

If you think about the kind of things you tell people that you do when your promote your business, those are the kinds of things that can be turned into a press release. So go spread your news and increase your rankings!