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What is a QR Code and What is It Used For?

A QR code is a specialized type of bar code that allows you to encode information that can be read by a mobile device. The QR stands for “quick response” because they allow the end user to quickly capture information you want to share. Much like a product bar code, the QR code is unique and the pattern is created depending upon the information it contains.

To read the QR code you need to download a QR code reader to your smart phone or other mobile device. To read the code you simply activate your QR code app, and point it as the QR code square. Your device will read the code and transmit the information it contains.

What can a QR code used for?

Any information that can be typed out can be shared in a QR code. This could include:

  • URL to a specific web page. Particularly useful if the URL is complex, such as a YouTube video.
  • Your contact information on your business card.
  • Link to auto-follow you on Twitter or other social network.
  • Link to auto-like your Facebook fan page.
  • Link to auto-like your business on Google Places.

Where can QR codes be published?

This is what makes the codes so unique. Anywhere you display information you can put a QR code. This can include:

  • Billboards – yes, these big billboards can contain giant QR codes that mobile users can point and capture.
  • Print advertising or brochures – a great way to bring somebody to a specific page on the web. A great way for entrepreneurs to ensure their contact information is easily uploaded into a person’s phone book.
  • Websites – users can hold their mobile device up to the computer monitor and read the device here. This is particularly helpful if they need to download information since it can insert the information directly into their mobile device.
  • T-shirts – a unique way to share your information and create an unusual design for a custom t-shirt.