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Worried Your Joomla Site Might Get Hacked?

Joomla is not invulnerable even though it is a robust content management system. Any website, not matter how it is constructed or secured, is vulnerable to hacking attacks. Because Joomla has standards about the way it works, in some ways it gives a road map to hackers looking for a way in.

Landau Digital has created a comprehensive Squidoo lens that provides information on how to secure your Joomla website to prevent hacking. If for some reason your Joomla site got hacked, we also provide information on how to repair a Joomla hacking problem.

Please read 15 Ways to Secure Your Joomla Website and take the steps to prevent hacking attempts!

What is the Best Hosting for Joomla?

This is a question we are often asked. What is the best hosting company for Joomla websites? We have tried at least half a dozen, and what we have found is there are certain criteria that you must consider when making a decision. Unfortunately we cannot say we have found one company that is aces at everything, but we have found several that have come really close.

We do not have a server where we provide hosting for our customers. Instead we have them set up their own hosting accounts with a service. In this way our customers have dominion over their website. Since we aren’t the hosts, we have tried many companies to find the best fit for Joomla optimization, Joomla security as well as customer service.

When choosing a host for Joomla, you cannot just choose anybody. Hosting requires a certain set of parameters in order for the site to run properly and to ensure Joomla security. This is why it is important to choose a company that specializes in optimizing their servers to host Joomla websites.

What do we think?

Here is our assessment of companies the we have used. This assessment is based on actual experience with these companies. Please don’t be upset if we’ve left your company off the list. If you’re not on the list, it’s because we haven’t tried you yet. Email us, and we’ll be happy to give it a go. In the chart below we’ve graded some of the services provided to give you an idea of how well they perform for us. In cases where there really isn’t a measure of service (i.e. unlimited bandwidth), we just wrote yes/no.

Hosting Company Rochen Hostgator Lunarpages Siteground Interactive

Green hosting


yes yes no yes
Unlimited Space no yes Some plans yes yes
Unlimited Bandwidth no yes Some plans yes yes
Unlimited URLs Reseller plans only some plans yes yes yes
Knowledgeable Technical Support A+ A- F B- B
24/7 Technical Support through ticket system yes yes yes yes yes
Technical support available by phone no yes yes no no
Technical support available by online chat no yes no yes no
Extensive Knowledgebase for Joomla questions A C C A+ D
Easy to navigate and find answers to questions B B C A B
Customer forums yes yes yes no no
Tech support Knowledgeable about Joomla A+ A C- A B
Cpanel easy to use A A B- A A
Billing Practices A A A C A
Email Function B A A C C
Up time B A A A C
Server speed A B B C B
Server up time B A A A C
Optimized for Joomla A+ A A A+ A
Redundant Servers No yes yes yes yes
Host creates server backups daily weekly daily unknown weekly
Restore from backup free of charge Yes No No unknown unknown
Will move your Joomla site for free when you sign up for hosting No yes no yes yes
Free Joomla templates? No no no yes no
Money back guarantee? Yes
(within 15 days)
(within 45 days)
(within 30 days)
(within 30 days minus setup fees)
(within 90 days)
Monthly price for shared server $8.95-$69.95 $4.95-$99.95 $2.95-$64.95 $5.95-$89 $5.95-$12.95
Hosting Company Rochen Hostgator Lunarpages Siteground Interactive

What host do we use?

If you’re wondering what host this blog is on, it’s hosted on Green Geeks. Our company website, Landau Digital, is hosted on Hostgator.

What host do you use for your Joomla site, and how do you like them?

Free Webinar: What is Joomla & Why Should I Care?

If you are planning on building a new website, or rebuilding an old one, you should research developing your site with Joomla. This power open-source content management system offers many benefits to the development process, and makes it a cinch for non-technical users to keep updated.

Dynamic websites are the vogue, and keeping your site current is critical. Building your site in a content management system like Joomla gives you the control over your site. No more do you have spend thousands of dollars each year having a developer make updates. Now you have the reins, and you decide who will make changes.

On Tuesday, January 26 at 11 am PST, Join us for this FREE Joomla webinar and we will share with you why we decided to specialize in Joomla development. We will cover:

  • What is a content management system and why it’s a great tool for managing a website
  • What is Joomla
  • How Joomla works to create a dynamic content site
  • How Joomla can be extended to provide complex functionality without corresponding development costs.

This webinar is FREE, so register now and join us for an hour and learn about the hippest tools in the web world today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Other information about Joomla you might find helpful:

High Profile Sites Show How Well Joomla Performs

Many clients wonder how something given away for free could possible be worthwhile. Fortunately, the addage “you get what you pay for” does not apply when it comes to Joomla. It is open source software and free to whomever wishes to download (although they do appreciate donations for their efforts), but Joomla is a very robust and powerful tool for managing your web content. 

Website performance is dictated by many things, including:

  • the amount of traffic you get
  • the server the site resides on
  • how well the site is optimized for performance
  • the speed of the user’s computer processor and/or internet connection

Even on the best of servers, a very high-traffic site may experience some performance issues. A personís Internet connection can also influence performance, so the same site may perform differently on different computers. A Joomla site will perform very well if it has been built and optimized for performance.

Big Companies Relying on Joomla
I have pulled some higher-traffic sites that use Joomla so you could see who else might be relying on its capabilities:

You can see a whole directory of Joomla sites by visiting the Joomla Community Showcase at

Joomla Branded the Most Popular CMS

At Landau Digital we find Joomla to be an easy and effective tool for creating and maintaining websites. We’ve been using it for years, but recent surveys have shown that its popularity has gained increasing market share. Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are considered the “big 3” applications used to build websites. While Joomla and Drupal are true CMS (content management system) platforms, WordPress is actually a blogging platform that is evolving to something like a CMS.

Don’t take our word for it…
Recently many CMS-watch entities have been releasing reports and surveys on the platforms used for creation of CMS-managed websites. CMS Wire put out a 20-page report that shows Joomla is the most popular CMS on the market.

In June 2009 saw the 10 millionth download of Joomla from, and it is estimated over 50 million sites worldwide are built using the platform.

And in 2007, 2008 and 2009 Joomla won awards from Packt Publishing’s CMS Awards. The 2009 CMS Awards is in progress, and Joomla is once again in the running for another trophy.

The great news about being popular
With all the hype about Joomla’s popularity, it bolsters the community and brings in new users. That means that Joomla isn’t going away, and with a thriving development community, it’s only going to get better. Joomla 1.6 beta has been released, so in 2010 we can look forward to an even easier and more effective Joomla platform.