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Here’s how to get the most out of Google+

google-plus_largeGoogle+ has some serious advantages for businesses wanting to increase their network and increase their SEO. It hasn’t reached the zenith of popularity that we’ve seen on Facebook, but that means it’s easier to be seen and get shared.

How can it help SEO?
If you share an update publicly, that update is indexed by Google. Every single status update is treated as its own web page. With some thought and care, you can create an SEO goldmine just sharing what you’re already interested in.

How can it help online reputation?
If you set yourself up for Google Authorship, you can help develop your online reputation to establish yourself as an expert in targeted areas. Establishing Google Authorship does require you to write articles online and then make sure the sites that you write on are connected to your Google+ profile.

How can it increase my network?
Google+ has done a great job of making networking circles easy to use. By sharing with specific circles you can target your content to specific audiences. It also makes it easier to peruse specific groups of people and see where they are hanging out so you can do more to connect with them.

How can you become an expert in Google+?
This article provides a lot of ways to make the most of Google+: 50 Ways to Get the Most out of Google+. You don’t have to do all of them at once, but if you even did 1/3 of the ideas, you would be well on your way to establishing yourself as a Google+ officianado.