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10 Signs You Need a Web Design Firm

How do you know when you need to seek help for your website? Many people plod along all alone trying to figure out how to keep their website going, and sometimes this can only make things worse. The following list provides a compass to determine if you need a web design firm to help make your site stellar.

1. Search and Rescue Calls
Customers call asking for assistance to find something on your site,  and what they’re searching for is on the site but hard to find, or you forgot to include it all together. This is a definite sign your information architecture is not up to snuff.

2. Your Information is History
You’re not even sure the last time your site was updated and you’re even more unsure how often you should update it. Two times on an outdated site is probably the last time that customer will visit. Have you considered a content management system like Joomla so you can update the site yourself?

3. Flashy But Frustrating
Your Web designer promised and delivered the WOW factor, but now you’re getting comments that the site doesn’t come up, or it’s slow or what is that big blank spot in the middle of your home page? Using the latest technology may seem fun and hip, but if it doesn’t add to your business message, it’s better left to the entertainment industry.

4. Clicking To Nothingness
Your site is riddled with dead links because nobody is checking them on a regular basis. Pretty much a guaranteed way to lose visitors.

5. There’s No Draw Back
Your site should offer something of value to a visitor while they are on your site. Could be articles, resources or even an inspirational message. They need a reason to come back and look again, even if in the moment they do not need what you are selling.

6. There’s No Target
Without a clear picture of your target audience and purpose for delivering the information, your Web site has been designed in an aimless fashion. It will work for you in the way it has been designed – randomly. Defining your audience and resolving their needs with your content is the best way to keep them coming back!

7. It Just Doesn’t Work
Your site doesn’t work the way the developer promised it would, and your customers keep complaining. Some first are great at certain things, but not so hot at others. You might need to bring in another firm to tighten up the loose ends and get your site functioning as you expected it to.

8. It’s Built, Now What?
How will you bring traffic to your site, and was that even considered when your site was built? Just because you built it doesn’t mean the people will come. You need to implement an SEO plan or some sort of online marketing strategy. These days getting high up in the search engine rankings is a challenge, but you definitely won’t see results without some SEO efforts.

9. Your Competitor Gets the Kudos
When your customers talk to you, they are constantly mentioning your competitors’ Web site. This is a clear sign that your site isn’t fulfilling their needs. Time to step up and exceed the competition!

10. You Don’t Have a Web Site
In today’s world if you have a business, you must have a Web site. A lack of Web presence can actually compromise your credibility. If you don’t have a Web site, it’s time to put it at the top of your to do list!

Building and marketing a website does not have to be a complex process. When hiring a web design firm, it’s best to get a referral from somebody you know personally, and who can give a true endorsement. Lacking that, focus on the customer service message of the firm in order to make your choice. The most important part of working with a firm is the communication process, and it doesn’t matter if they can make the computer do back flips if they can’t deliver what you want.

30 Ways to Say Thank You for a Re-Tweet

When somebody retweets (RT) your tweets, the best thing you can do is respond by RT’ing their tweets. But saying thank you in a tweet is also a great way to acknowledge somebody for supporting you.

Some may argue it fills the airways by thanking, but I’m of the opinion that a public thank you acknowledges the individual for doing you a favor. By recognizing them, others will know they are supportive on Twitter, and in turn that may gain them new followers. So a public thank you on Twitter can boost the experience for that individual.

My favorite RT Thank You’s
As I’ve watched conversations on Twitter, I’m struck by some of the great ways people have said thank you. Here are some of my favorite thank you’s from people I’ve re-tweeted:

  • @Mazukins: Thank u my precious friend for the RT – ur awesome!!!! hugs mazey 🙂
  • @sharynread: Thank u 4 your kindness, blessings 4 your 2010
  • @MartyMisner: Thanks, I am honored and very appreciative!
  • @soulbizradio: Much appreciation for your interactions….have a magical day
  • @techjoomla: We are honoured!
  • @robertbravery: Thanks for the great plug!

The following wasn’t a RT thank you, but in reply to a RT thank you. When I read this, it made me smile broadly: @JDEbberly: No prob there, Landau! Love your work! Keep up those tweets – I’ll be RT’ing you even more as I ply the Twitter Superhighway. This kind of a thank really epitomizes the reason we all use Twitter, doesn’t it?

30 Ways to Say Thank You
I love when I get a special thank you, so I came up with a list of 30 fun ways to thank people for a RT. Please use and enjoy:

  1. I couldn’t spread the word without you. Thanks for the RT!
  2. The joy of Twitter is connecting with others. I appreciate your support by sharing what I said!
  3. “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” [~Oscar Wilde] Thanks for the RT!
  4. It’s always flattering when somebody RT’s what I said… thanks for putting a smile on my face!
  5. It’s good news when somebody RT’s me – that means what I’m saying here is actually heard. Thanks for the reassurance!
  6. ☮ Sharing the love is what it’s about! ☮ I appreciate your RT!
  7. ~~ The RT wave is how we reach far and wide ~~ thank you for helping me spread the word!
  8. “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Thanks for RT’ing my post!
  9. God gave you a gift of 1,440 minutes today — thanks for using one to RT my post!
  10. RT’s always reassure me that there is somebody listening… thanks for the RT!
  11. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” [~ William Ward] Thnx for the RT!
  12. Sometimes I wonder if my tweets are like trees — do people hear them when I post? Thanks for the RT!
  13. My mood went from this ☹ to this ☺ after I saw your RT. Thanks!
  14. Look here, folks, @coaching2win RT’s — following him would be an opportunity to start a conversation. Thanks for the RT @coaching2win!
  15. I’m all about being a real person on Twitter. Your RT showed me that you care. Thanks for the support!
  16. ★ ☆ ★ You’re a star to me! ★ ☆ ★ Thanks for the RT!
  17. A tweet + RT = my gratitude. Thanks for the support!
  18. To put it simply, I really appreciate your RT! Thanks for your support.
  19. (for somebody who RT’s you a lot): You are my RT angel! I tweet, and you are there to share it with the twitterverse. Are there more where you came from? Thanks!
  20. I needed a RT just about then. Thanks for coming through for me!
  21. ♫ ♪ ♩ I thank you! I thank you! I thank you! ?♫ ♪ ♩ You rock with that RT!
  22. “Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns” [Author Unknown] Thanks for the RT!
  23. Thank you so much for RT’ing my post. It makes Twitter way more fun for me when I see others sharing my tweets!
  24. It always amazes me how the kindness of strangers is what makes Twitter work. Thanks for lending a hand and RT’ing my post!
  25. A little birdie told me that you RT’d my post. Thanks for the extra chirp!
  26. You made my day with your RT! Thanks for being part of my Twitter family!
  27. ♥ Thanks for the RT luv! ♥
  28. Thanks for being my friend on Twitter! I appreciate your RT!
  29. You brought a smile to my face after you RT’d my post. ? Thank you so much!
  30. Your RT brought sunshine to my day. ☀ I appreciate the infusion!
Tell us what you think
What is your favorite way to thank people for a re-tweet? What are some of your favorite thank yous that you have received?

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