Blog Carnivals

Simple Web Toolbox sponsors blog carnivals where anybody who has written a blog can submit their entries.

Carnivals We Sponsor

Submissions are due 8 pm PST evening before.

  • SEO Buzz – 2nd Friday of the month – next edition 12 Mar 10
    Articles and tutorials that teach about SEO. These articles provide great step-by-step instructions to help the newbie or do-it-yourself business owner learn about SEO.
  • Online Marketing Buzz – 3rd Friday of the month- next edition 19 Mar 10
    Articles, tutorials and tips for generating more traffic through online marketing.
  • Twitter Buzz – 4th of the month- next edition 26 Feb 10
    Tutorials and information on how to get into the swing of Twitter.

Please review the following guidelines for article submission:

  • Each carnival has a specific theme and we are happy to include any article that is within that theme.
  • Please submit blogs that have been written within the past month.
  • Please submit only one blog entry per carnival.
  • Please submit articles that provide useful information. Articles about specific products, or articles that are teasers that require a purchase to learn more, may not be included.
  • Note that our reader audience consists of newbies and non-technical people. Articles written with a lot of technical jargon may not be included.
  • Go to the Blog Carnival website to submit your articles. Do not email articles to us directly.

Once your article is submitted:

  • We will review all submissions to make certain they meet the guidelines outlined above.
  • We will choose up to 15 articles that we feel best serve the needs of our users.
  • You will receive a pingback when the Carnival goes live. Please help to promote the carnival by posting comments and promoting it on your blog.