Are Your Business Directory Listings Up-to-Date?

Business Directory Listings are an easy way to add some SEO linkbacks to your website. They are also a great way for people to find you when searching for businesses in specific areas. But there are hundreds of business directories that you can get listed in, and keeping your information up-to-date can be cumbersome.

Out-of-date information can hurt SEO

If you have information out there that is not up-to-date, it can be seen as a dead SEO link. It’s important to do a periodic review of these listings to make sure your address, phone, email and business description are all the same.

We have moved, so nothing has changed

Do not assume that because you haven’t moved that nothing has changed. Some of these sites allow visitors to change listings, and sometimes visitors make mistakes in an attempt to be helpful. It’s still important to check out the information that is published about you.

Aggregate business listing sites often get it wrong

Sites like ZoomInfo or Pipl crawl the internet and compile information about businesses. They often get the information wrong so it is crucial to check these regularly.  A great example is for Landau Digital. There is a company overseas with the same name, and ZoomInfo put all our information together into one listing. That means their employees and our employees were both listed, and our offices were shown as two locations for the same business. Some of the most popular aggregate business listing sites:

Services to help keep up-to-date

There are some really helpful services that can help keep you up-to-date. You do have to pay for them, but in exchange they can save you time.

  • For as little as $100 Advice Local will help keep your listings on track. They will also submit your business information to dozens of directories that you may not already be a part of.
  • Yext allows you to scan listings and it will tell you which ones have erroneous information. You can pay them to fix specific listings or all of them. If you want to save $$$, you can just use their scanning service as a way to point out errors, then you can go to each site and fix the listing yourself.

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