9 Ways to Get More Clicks on Twitter

Twitter is fun, but it is also very easy to get lost in the millions of micro messages that are spit out every day. So how do you distinguish yourself and make sure that your messages are the ones that get noticed?

Dan Zarrella, in conjunction with HubSpot, did specific research to find out which tweets have the highest click through rate (CTR).

Twitter guidelines that will get you more re-tweets:

  1. Use more verbs and less nouns to get more attention
  2. Tweeting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday significantly increased CTR numbers
  3. Tweeting later in the day also had better results
  4. Put your links about 25% of the way into your tweet for higher CTR
  5. Keep your tweets between 120 and 130 characters
  6. Slow down the number of tweets. The more you blitz, the less people pay attention.
  7. Tweets with ‘via’, ‘RT’, ‘@’, ‘please’ and ‘check’ had higher CTR numbers.
  8. Tweets with ‘AddThis’, ‘marketing’ and ‘GetGlue’ had lower CTR numbers
  9. The term ‘daily is out’, used by paper.li, had the highest rate of CTR

Read the specifics of this great research study by visiting Dan Zarrella’s website.

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