4 Tips On How To Stop Email Attacks

Whether your company is a small business or a large conglomerate, you are still liable to the same threats from emails as the private user. The problem is that if a business is affected by a malicious email, it can have much bigger ramifications than that of a private user. Below are some tips to help any business or company shore up their email defenses.

Content Filtering

Content filtering software, is a great way for companies to control the content of emails that are outbound as well as inbound. This is very important for companies that are responsible for the sensitive data that they work with, and many companies are required by law to ensure the data’s security. Content filtering works by using character strings to identify possible undesirable content. Because the content to be filtered can be controlled by the company itself, this is a very useful tool to have; especially it administered by somebody who is aware of threats posed by phishing and spam.

Separate Your Email Server

If the only access emails have is to other emails, then the risk to a company’s application and storage servers becomes massively reduced. This option is easy to manage and is becoming very popular with small businesses worried about email attacks. Another way to separate your servers is to move the security to a hosted server; this will mean that your security is cared for by a professional hosting service. The use of cloud based security could also give could give you the security you desire, and is usually an affordable option.


Sometimes the best upgrade you can make to your companies internet security, is the education of your employees. If all your employees are aware of what to look for, and what to avoid when dealing with their emails, then the chance of something malicious entering your system will reduce. It is also worth educating employees about the effects that your company could suffer. Many people simply do not realize what can happen, and what consequences a malicious virus can have on any computer system.

Use a Professional

Many companies don’t feel they have the resources to employ somebody to look after their computer security, but when you way-up the cost of a possible attack, the cost is usually very small. A professional may only install software or hardware that you could have installed yourself, or advise you to have a separate server; but they will give you what you need, advice that is relevant for your specific company. One of the great things about using a professional is that you don’t need to employ them permanently, and you know that they will be up to date on all the latest threats. Knowing about a threat and how to nullify it is exactly what you need from a professional.

Computer security is becoming more complex. This is because the threats it is protecting you from are becoming more difficult to discover. Keeping ahead of the threats from emails is a major problem for businesses everywhere, and I hope these tips will help you decide how it would be best to stop any problems occurring.

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