4 Simple Steps to Start Using Social Media

Social media marketing has become so common place that “social media coordinator” is the newest title on the job market. Businesses today who are not using social media are seen as behind the times. At Landau Digital we frequently get asked, “So how do I start using social media to grow my business?”

Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to get yourself on the social media bandwagon.

1) Commit to a schedule

Like any change in business, the first step is figure out how much time you are willing to commit to make it happen. Social media can be a huge time drain, which is why most companies avoid it. But it doesn’t have to be. Be honest about how much time you have to invest, and base your social media plan on the resources you have available. Even 20 minutes a week is better than nothing.

If you really believe you have no time, read Finding Time to Engage in Social Media to discover some untapped time slots.

2) Define your goals

Why are you engaging in social media? Some common goals are:

  • You just want to see what everybody is talking about.
  • It is part of your SEO strategy.
  • You want to generate new business leads.
  • You are trying to create more buzz around your company.
  • You want to learn more about how your competitors use social media.

Before you can determine what outlets are best for your company, you first have to decide what you want in return for your participation. The following articles may assist you in determining your social media objectives:

3) Choose your outlets

Choosing your social media outlets can be a tricky business. You want to consider the time you have and your objectives. You should not just do what others are doing because it’s “in”. For example, many people jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but it is time consuming to develop a quality Twitter following. Would your time better be spent on a blog, which really demonstrates your knowledge?

You might want to take a social media class or hire a social media coach in order to help narrow down your choices. The following articles might help you choose the right outlets for you:

4) Follow through on your commitment

Just like any other marketing plan, if you don’t follow through, you won’t get results. Implement your social media plan for at least 3 months, and then gauge if it is right for you. It takes some time to see results, but if you put in the time, you will definitely see them.

Landau Digital teaches social media classes to help you establish your online presence. Let Landau Digital review your social media strategy to help come up with the optimum approach to grow your business.

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